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Report Related FAQs

1. As a first-time visitor to this website, what assurances can you offer regarding the quality of your services?
We encourage you to navigate our website extensively, exploring the wealth of valuable content we have to offer. Once you've identified studies that catch your eye, don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated sales team at They're eager to provide you with complimentary sample copies of the studies that pique your interest. What's more, you can schedule follow-up product review calls with our seasoned analysts, who are ready to provide comprehensive insights and address any queries you may have. We are wholly committed to ensuring your confidence in our services, and we're here to support you at every stage of your journey.

2. Do all the studies published by MarketDigits come with available samples?
Certainly, our sales team is prepared to share a sample copy of the study with you upon receiving your query. Additionally, for upcoming studies, we offer demo samples. These sample copies are thoughtfully crafted to give you a glimpse into the report's format and provide a snapshot of market information. They serve as valuable tools for pre-purchase data validation.

3. If I have further inquiries about the report or specific customization needs, what steps should I take?
While our syndicated studies are designed to serve a broad audience, we understand that you may have unique requirements or additional questions about the report. In such cases, we welcome you to submit your query by using the form conveniently located next to the report description page. Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email at or by phone at +1 510-730-3200. We're here to assist you in tailoring our services to your specific needs and providing the answers you seek.

4. How can I guarantee that my expectations are accurately comprehended by the team?
Once we receive your customization preferences, whether through email or during a phone conversation, our dedicated research team will take charge. After assessing the feasibility, they will craft a consumer-centric study that aligns precisely with your specified requirements. Additionally, if deemed necessary, our research team may propose a telephonic conference with you to delve deeper into your customization needs and explore viable solutions collaboratively.

5. How can I obtain information regarding the cost and expected delivery timeframe for a customized report?
The pricing details and the expected timeline for a customized report will be provided to you by our dedicated sales representative once we have finalized the list of deliverables to meet your specific requirements. It's worth noting that MarketDigits extends a 10% free customization option on all our reports. For further information, we invite you to reach out to our sales team, who will be happy to assist you.

6. What is the frequency at which MarketDigits refreshes or updates its studies?
Our research studies and reports receive updates either semi-annually or annually, depending on their traction and the demand for refreshed information. If you're interested in knowing the current update status of a specific report, we encourage you to get in touch with our sales team for further details.

7. If I can't find the specific report I'm looking for in the company's product catalog, what should I do?
While MarketDigits maintains an extensive database of reports and market updates, it's possible that not all of them are individually listed in our catalog. If you're unable to locate the specific report you're interested in, we recommend reaching out to our sales team, either via email or phone. You can also schedule an analyst call or send us a message to discuss your specific requirements. We're here to assist you in finding the information you need.

8. What pre-purchase services are available for me to take advantage of?
At MarketDigits, we are dedicated to providing tailored and client-focused solutions. To support this commitment, we extend the following pre-sale services to our clients:
• Free Product Review Call: Engage in a one-on-one discussion with the author or analyst of the report or study you're interested in. This enables you to gain valuable insights from the analyst's perspective.
• Customized Research: We offer assistance in conducting specialized research to aid you in your due diligence process.
• Targeted Purchase Facility: Our aim is to help you make the most of your investment by providing targeted purchase options that maximize the value you receive for your money.

9. What format should I expect the deliverable or report to be in?
The reports are typically provided in PDF and spreadsheet formats for your convenience. However, if you have a special request, we can also deliver the content in PPT format to cater to your specific needs.

10. Are there any discount options available?
We are dedicated to assisting students, academicians, NGOs, and startups with their research and consulting requirements. To facilitate this, we have established a special pricing policy that incorporates discounts and flexible payment plans. To access these benefits, please get in touch with our sales representative at +1 510-730-3200 or via email at

Ordering and Delivery

1. What steps should I follow to purchase a report?
To purchase a report, you can utilize the convenient 'Buy Now' option located on the right-hand side of the report description page. Follow these straightforward steps:
Step One: Choose the reports you're interested in.
Step Two: Complete the payment either through wire transfer or online purchase.
Step Three: Upon payment, we will send you an invoice. If you've chosen wire transfer, please sign the purchase contract.
Step Four: Dispatch team will share the report within 2 to 48 hours.

2. What is the expected timeframe for receiving the report after making a purchase?
After confirming your payment, you can typically expect to receive the reports within a window of 2 to 48 hours. It's important to consider potential delays due to time zone differences, although we strive to dispatch all published reports within 48 hours of payment confirmation. Please keep in mind that if you make a purchase over a weekend or during a holiday, our team will reach out to you on the following business day to facilitate the delivery process

3. What is the method through which I will receive the report?
You will receive the report electronically in PDF format, delivered to your registered email address. To ensure that our emails reach your inbox, we recommend whitelisting our domain, which is Additionally, it's a good practice to mark our emails as 'not spam' to facilitate the smooth delivery of important updates and reports from MarketDigits.

4. What ordering methods can I use to purchase a report?
When making a purchase on behalf of your company, it's important to note that you should have the necessary authorization to make the purchase decision. You have two convenient ordering options:
Ordering by Telephone:
You can simply call our customer service representative at the USA +1 510-730-3200 number to place your order. They will guide you through the process.
Ordering by Email:
Alternatively, you can send your requirements and inquiries to Be sure to include all relevant details such as billing and delivery addresses, as well as your preferred mode of payment. Our team will reach out to you within 1 business day to assist with your order.

License Type and Purchase Options

1. What are the different types of licenses available for products?
Single User License: This license grants access to a specific report for one individual only and cannot be shared with other employees within the same company.
Corporate License: An Corporate License offers access to a specific report for a company-wide audience, including subsidiary companies or other entities within a group.

2. Is it possible to purchase individual chapters or segments from a study?
While our standard practice does not encourage the sale of separate segments or chapters from a study, we do make exceptions in special cases, depending on client requirements. For more details and information on this, please feel free to contact our sales representative at phone: +1 510-730-3200 or via email:

Payments and Invoicing

1. What types of payment methods are accepted for online orders?
For online orders, we accept Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover, and Diner's Club. If you prefer other payment arrangements such as check, bank wire transfer, or invoice, you can contact our customer service at +1 510-730-3200 or email us at

2. Is the online ordering process secure?
Absolutely. Safeguarding our clients' information is our top priority. We've partnered with trusted payment processors, PayPal and CCAvenue, to ensure secure transactions. It's important to note that we do not store your payment details for added security.

3. Will I receive an invoice for my purchase?
Yes, you will receive an electronic invoice immediately after making your purchase. Additionally, we provide pro-forma invoices to assist with purchase decisions. If you have further questions regarding invoices, please reach out to our sales department at

4. What are the payment terms?
Please be aware that payments made are non-refundable, in line with standard company and industry policies. Our products and reports are designed for knowledge transfer, and refunds cannot be issued after you've accessed the study. To avoid such situations, MarketDigits offers comprehensive and transparent pre-purchase facilities to all clients.

5. I'm encountering issues with processing the payment. What should I do?
While payment issues are rare, you may receive a notification during the payment process if the gateway fails to verify your credit card information. Billing address mismatches are often the most common payment-related issue. If you experience any other payment problems, please contact us promptly, and we will investigate the matter.

6. I'm receiving a message stating "This transaction cannot be processed (Payment Decline)":
This error message typically indicates a billing address mismatch or a low credit limit. If the billing address provided does not match the address associated with the card statement, the transaction may be declined. This can occur, for instance, if you recently moved and haven't updated your address with the card issuer. Another possibility is that your card has a low remaining credit limit, or your bank may have flagged the transaction as irregular, especially if it involves a large amount, for security reasons. In such cases, it's advisable to contact your bank to approve the transaction for successful payment processing.

Post-Sale Queries

1. Can I have a conversation with the analyst regarding the report I purchased?
Absolutely, MarketDigits provides a valuable free resource – 30 minutes of analyst access with every purchase. These analyst consultation minutes are intended to assist our clients with any questions or concerns related to the report and to offer insights from the analyst's perspective.

2. What if the report doesn't cover everything I need? How can MarketDigits assist me?
While our reports are designed to provide comprehensive insights, we understand that specific requirements can vary. We encourage you to share your customization requests with us before making a purchase. However, if you find that the report still doesn't meet your needs, you can request post-sale customization.

3. Will I be charged for post-sale customization services?
As part of our commitment to client satisfaction, we offer a complimentary 10% customization option for syndicated reports. If you haven't utilized this service before the purchase, you can still request post-sale customization. The research team will assess the feasibility and provide details on pricing (if applicable) and the timeline for customization.

4. How can I get in touch with MarketDigits?
You can contact us through the following channels:
Phone: +1 510-730-3200 (U.S.)

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